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Charles Robert Crisp

Charles R. Crisp, American congressman. member 63d to 72d Congresses (1913-1933); member United States Tariff Commn.


  • CRISP, Charles Robert was born on October 19, 1870 in Ellaville, Georgia, United States. Son of Charles F. and Clara B. (Burton) Crisp: Education Public School, Americus, Georgia.

  • Education

    • Public school education.


    • 1 son, Charles Frederick. Admitted to Georgia bar. Elected to 54th Congress to serve out unexpired term of father, late speaker of the House: judge of the City Court, Americus, 1900-1911.

      Resigned to accept position of parliamentarian 62d Congress, under Speaker Clark. Parliamentarian Democratic National Convention, Baltimore. 1912; elected member 63d to 72d Congresses (1913-1933).

      3d Georgia District; resigned. October 7, 1932; member United States Tariff Commission, October 1932-January 1933. Resigned to practice law in Washington.


    The use of force may be supported in extreme situations and when the need to do so is beyond reasonable doubt.


    The life with Christ has nothing to do with being in a "church" atmosphere for all eternity. God’s salvation involves far more. He is planning to make his children productive, creative, useful, and supremely happy, within an environment of spiritual perfection, health, peace, and love.

    Denomination: Methodist


    There are different understandings about the Bible's authority in our lives. The task of every believer is to use different Bible translations and commentaries in order to discover the word of God.


    Member; Masons; Knights of Pythias. Eastern Star. Clubs: Americus (Georgia) Country Golf.
    • Member; Masons; Knights of Pythias. Eastern Star. Clubs: Americus (Georgia) Country Golf.


    • Married Jennie Hollis, December 5, 1907.
    • father: Charles Frederick Crisp
    • mother: Clara (Burton) Crisp
    • spouse: Jennie Hollis
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    Born October 19, 1870
    Died February 7, 1937
    (aged 66)


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