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Raymond Fowler CRIST

Raymond Fowler CRIST, American Commissioner of Naturalization.


  • CRIST, Raymond Fowler was born on August 7, 1871 in El Paso, 111. s. Philip Albright and Mary Alice (Fowler) Crist.

  • Education

    • Columbian (now George Washington) University, 1889-1891; Howard University Doctor of Dental Surgery, 1897; Washington Coll, of Law, Bachelor of Laws, 1917


    • 1896, Bath, New York Commercial Agent to Japan China, and Africa. Dept, of Commerce and Labor, 1905-1907. Assistant Chief, Division of Naturalization, 1907-1913.

      Department Commissioner of Naturalization, 1913-1919. Director of Citizenship. Dept, of Laboi. 1919.

      Commissioner of Naturalization, since 1923. Executive Official in charge of naturalization of aliens and of federal supervision of citizenship Education in public schools of the United States.


    • Spouse Genevieve Wetmore, May 14.
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    Born August 7, 1871