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Cary Ingram CROCKETT

Cary Ingram CROCKETT, Major, United States Army. Club: Army <fc Navy (Washington, District of Columbia).


  • CROCKETT, Cary Ingram was born on August 13, 1878 in Bristol. Son of Eugene and Elizabeth (Johnson) Crockett.

  • Education

    • Army General Staff College, A. E.F., France, 1918. Command and General Staff School, Kansas, 1925. Army War College, Washington, District of Columbia, 1928.

      Chemical Warfare School, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, 1929.


    • Military Attache to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, 1921-1924. Commanding Officer, Fort Brady, Michigan, 1925. Member, American Delegate.

      Tacna-Arica Plebiscitary Commission, 1925-1926. Secretary General National Board of Elections of Nicaragua, 1928-1929. Assistant, of Governor Roosevelt of Porto Rico, 1930.


    Club: Army <fc Navy (Washington, District of Columbia).


    • Spouse Nell B. Johnson, October 15, 1908, Bristol, Virginia.
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    Born August 13, 1878