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James Cordon CUMMINC

James Cordon CUMMINC, American Chief, Bureau of Health. Member of American Medical and Public Health Associations; American Legion; Foreign Wars; Masons.


  • CUMMINC, James Cordon was born on January 16, 1879 in Oil City, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of John and Marion (Milton) Cumming.

  • Education

    • University of Michigan, Doctor of Medicine Master of Science, Ph. Harvard University, Doctor Ph.


    • Director, Pasteur Institute, 1906-1913, Bureau of Epidemiology and laboratories, California State Health Department, 1914-1916. Awarded Distinguished Service Medal, 1916-1921. Chief, Bureau of Health, Philadelphia, 1921-1925, Bureau of Preventable Diseases, Washington, District of Columbia, 1925 —.

      Author of 50 scientific articles on disease control.


    Member of American Medical and Public Health Associations. American Legion; Foreign Wars. Masons. Clubs: Harvard, Cosmos, Engineers (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).


    • Spouse Helen A. Sullivan, 1910, Chicago, 111.
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