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Milton Fennimore DAVIS

Milton Fennimore DAVIS, Brigadier General United States Army.


  • DAVIS, Milton Fennimore was born on November 15, 1864 in Mantorville, Minnesota.

  • Education

    • Public Schools. Oregon; United States Military Academy., 1890; University of Oregon, Bachelor of Arts


    • Four. Second Lieutenant, fourth Cavalry. First Lieutenant, first Cavalry. Captain, tenth and first Cavalry.

      Major, Judge Advocate General’s. Corps; retired as Major, 1909. Colonel, Signal Corps, 1918.

      World War; Lieutenant Col.t Retired, 1918. Colonel, retired, 1921. Brigadier General, Air Corps Reserve, 1921.

      Surveyed and mapped Sierra Forest Reserve, 1891. First ascent of Mount Davis, High Sierras, 1892. Army Carbino Team, 1893.

      Explored Grand Canyon of Colorado, 1895. Ascended Mount Popocatepetl, 1897. Commanded Troop C., first Cavalry, battle Santiago, CubanSpan.

      War; Governor, El Caney, during yellow fever epidemic, 1898. Adjunct General and Chief of Staff, third Brigade, till end of Insurrection, 1903. Executive Secretary, Fort Leavenworth Service Schools, 1903-1907.

      Detailed General Staff, 1906. Aide to Chief of Staff, and on duty. Chief of Staff'8 Office, 1907-1909.

      Prof, of Military Science and Tactics and Commandant of Cadets, New York Military Academy, 1909-1922. Colonel and Executive, Signal Corps, Chief of Training, Air Service, Chief of Staff, Air Service, 1918-1919, Dual flying training, 1918. Superintendent, New York Military Academy, since 1922.

      Awarded Silver Star Citation for Gallantry in action against Span. Forces at Santiago, Cuba, 1898. Distinguished Service Medal, distinguished service in World War.

      Secretary, Treasurer, Director, Trustee, Commandant and Superintendent, New York Military Academy, since 1909. Director and V. -Pre8., Cornwall National. Bank. Commissioner Orange Company Council, Boy Scouts of America.

      Councillor Chamber of Commerce of the United States. National. Councillor Boy Scouts of America. Hudson Valley Federation Chamber of Commerce (Pres, and Director).

      Association Military Colls, and Schools of the United States (President, 1926-1927). Masons; Modern Woodmen. Officers World War; Companion Foreign Wars.

      Society of Medalists.


    • Clubs: Rotary, Army and Navy (New York and Washington), Lambs, Explorers, Ends of Earth, Camp Fire of American.


    • Spouse Bessie Aitken Hall, 1898.
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    Born November 15, 1864