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George Adam Dean

George Adam DEAN, American State Entomologist. Member of A.A. A. S.; Entomological Society of American; Kansas Entomological Society; Kansas Academy, of Science; Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi.


  • Dean, George Adam was born on April 19, 1873 in Topeka, Kansas, United States. Son of Thomas Jackson and Harriet (Reese) Dean.

  • Education

    • State teachers’ certificate, Kansas State Teachers College, 1898. Bachelor of Science, Kansas State College, 1895, Master of Science, 1905. Doctor of Science Southwestern College, Kansas, 1943.


    • Professor Entomology, Experiment Station and State Entomologist of Kansas, 1911-1923. Senior Entomologist, bureau of Entomology United States Department of Agriculture, 1923-1925. Professor Entomology, Experiment Station Entomologist, since 1925.

      Entomologist, S.W. millers League, 1910-1930.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Conglist


    Member Mediterranean Fruit Fly Committee Federal Fruit Fly Board. Developed heat method for control of injurious insects and the poison bait method for control of grasshoppers, cut worms and army worms. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Entomological Society America (president 1925).

    Member American Association Economics Entomologists (president 1921), Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta. Mason (32 degree).
    • Member of A.A. A. S. Entomological Society of American. Kansas Entomological Society. Kansas Academy, of Science. Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi.


    • Married Minerva Blachly, August 30, 1903. Children: Helen Elizabeth, George Thomas, Loua Marjorie, Paul McConnell, Dorothy.
    • father: Thomas Jackson Dean
    • mother: Harriet (Reese) Dean
    • spouse: Minerva Blachly
    • children: Helen Elizabeth Dean
    • George Thomas Dean
    • Loua Marjorie Dean
    • Paul McConnell Dean
    • Dorothy Dean
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    Born April 19, 1873


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