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James Renwick Dean

James Renwick DEAN, Justice, State Supreme Court. Member of American Bar Association; Phi Alpha Delta (Honorary); Mason. 32°; Knight Templar; F. and Master of Arts, Nebraska; Odd Fellow.


  • Dean, James Renwick was born on September 15, 1862 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Son of Henry and Ellen Margaret (Armour) Dean.

  • Education

    • Preparatory education, public schools, and Decorah (Iowa) Institute. Bachelor of Laws, University of Michigan, 1885, supplemented by lectures in literature department.


    • Practiced in Chicago, 1885-1889. Removed to Broken Bow, Nebraska, 1890. Company attorney, Custer Company, Nebraska, 1895-1899.

      City attorney Broken Bow 3 terms. Member Board of Education, Broken Bow, 10 years. Appointed judge Supreme Court of Nebraska by Governor Sheldon for term, 1909-1910.

      And elected for term 1917-1923, on ticket without party designation. Reëlected on non-political ballot, 2 terms, 1923-1935.


    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Member of American Bar Association. Phi Alpha Delta (Honorary). Mason. 32°; Knight Templar.

    F. and Master of Arts, Nebraska. Odd Fellow.
    • Member of American Bar Association. Phi Alpha Delta (Honorary). Mason 32°; Knight Templar. F. and Master of Arts, Nebraska.


    • Married Jennie E. Sutton, January 14, 1892.
    • father: Henry Dean
    • mother: Ellen Margaret (Armour) Dean
    • spouse: Jennie E. Sutton
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    Born September 15, 1862
    Died January 5, 1936
    (aged 73)


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