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Alexander Louis DeMAIORI BUS

Alexander Louis DeMAIORI BUS, American Member Council.


  • DeMAIORI BUS, Alexander Louis was born on April 25, 1898 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Son of Domenico and Lucia (Iammarone) DeMaioribus.

  • Education

    • Elementary, High Schools. Law School, 2 yrs.


    • Elected to Council, 1927. Appointed by Council to fill unexpired term. Councilman A. R. Hatton, 1927.

      Re-elected. Councilman, 1929-1931. Secretary & Treasurer, The Cleveland Home Brewing Company, since 1925, formerly bookkeeper for same company for 7 yrs.


    Clubs: City, Ausonia, Aurelius and Italian-American Brotherhood.
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    Born April 25, 1898