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René BORREMANS, Belgian Senator.


  • BORREMANS, René was born on August 11, 1930 in Ligne.

  • Education

    • Middle Teacher Training College, Mons, qualified teacher of Literature, 1950-1952.


    • Attached to Cabinet of Ministers Guy Mathot and Jaques Hoyaux, 1978-1980, and Philippe Busquin, 1980-1985. Deputy Mayor for Public Education, Fleurus. 1971-1976; Mayor, Fleurus, since 1977.

      Provincial Councillor, Hainaut, 1981-1985. Senator, CharleroiThuin, since 1985. Member of Senate Commissions Walloon Regional Council and Council of French Community.

      Admin., Intercommunal Association, for Regional Planning and Economic Development, Hainaut. President of Commission on Land Development, New Technology and Foreign Affairs of the Walloon Regional Council. Secondary school teacher, 1957-1978.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party

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    Born August 11, 1930