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Yvon BOURGES, French Senator. Chevalier of the Legion of Honour; Chevalier of the Palmes Académiques (for services to education); various foreign decorations.


  • BOURGES, Yvon was born on June 29, 1921 in Pau, Pyrénées Atlantiques, France. Parents: Bourges and Nancy Bourges (née Dardenne).

  • Education

    • University of Rennes, Faculty of Law, first degree, 1939. Second degree, public law. Bar examination, 1943.

      Spoken languages: English.


    • Mayor ofDinard, 1962-1989. Deputy for Ille et Vilaine, 1962-1980. Departmental Councillor for Dinard canton, 1964-1988.

      Secretary of State for scientific research and atomic and space affairs, 1965-1966. Secretary of State for Information, 1966-1967. Secretary of State in the Foreign Office, with responsibility for Cooperation, 1967-1972.

      Minister of Trade and Crafts, 1972-1973. Deputy, 1973-1975; Member of European Parliament (founder and Chairman of Progressive European Democrat Group), 1973-1975. Minister of Defence, 1975-1980.

      Senator for Ille et Vilaine, since 1980. Chairman of Regional Council for Brittany, since 1986. Principal Private Secretary to Prefect of Somme, 1944.

      Principal Private Secretary to Prefect of Bas-Rhin. Sub-Prefect of Erstein, 1947. Principal Private Secretary to High Commissioner of French Equatorial Africa, 1948, French West Africa, 1951.

      Governor of Upper Volta, 1956. High Commissioner of French Equatorial Africa, 1958. Principal Private Secretary to Minister of the Interior, 1961-1962.


    • Various newspaper articles.


    Party affiliation: Rally for the Republic


    Roman Catholic.


    Clubs: French Automobile Club.


    • Spouse Odile Fontaine, 1943. Children: Véronique, Sophie, Patrice, Gilles, Béatrice.
    • father: Jacques Bourges
    • mother: Nancy Dardenne
    • spouse: Odile Fontaine
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