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Fernando José Russo Roque CORREIA-AFONSO

Fernando José Russo Roque CORREIA-AFONSO, Portuguese Deputy. Gold Medal of the City of Lisbon, 1985.


  • CORREIA-AFONSO, Fernando José Russo Roque was born on July 3, 1929 in Sao Tomé. Parents: Agostinho Caetano Braz Correia-Afonso and Inès de Assunçao da Silva Russo CorreiaAfonso (née da Silva Russo).

  • Education

    • Licencíate of Law, Lisbon University, 1946-1951. Spoken languages: French, English, Spanish.


    • Member, Social Democratic Party National Council 1978-1984. President, Social Democratic Party Lisbon District Assembly, 1978-1985. President, Lisbon Municipal Assembly 1979-1989.

      Deputy, Assembly of the Republic, since 1983. Member Social Democratic Party National Political Committee, 1985. Vice President, Social Democratic Party, since 1985.

      President, Social Democratic Party Parliamentary Group, 1987-1988. Former President, Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the Camarate Tragedy (accident involving the death of P.M. Sá Cameiro). Lawyer; Consultant to Ministry of Economics 1955-1970.

      President, Lisbon District Council, Law Society 1978-1980. Vice-President, Higher Council, Law Society, since 1984.


    Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party


    Roman Catholic.


    Clubs: Gravura Artists Cooperative. Grémio Literário; CIF-Intemational Football Club.


    • Spouse Isabel Maria Serras Soares da Fonseca, 1971. Children: Rita, Ana, Diogo, Filipe.
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    Born July 3, 1929