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Dott. RafTaele COSTA

Dott. RafTaele COSTA, Italian Minister without portfolio of Community Affairs and Regions.


  • COSTA, Dott. RafTaele was born on September 8, 1936 in Mondovi, Cuneo, Italy.

  • Education

    • Doctor in Political Science.


    • Councillor, Mondovi, from 1960. Provincial Councillor, Cuneo from 1975. Deputy, Parliament, CuneoAlessandria-Asti, 1976.

      Vice-President of Committee on Agriculture and Forests. Re-elected Deputy, 1979. Under-Secretary of State, Minister of Justice in Cossiga government.

      Under-Secretary for Labour and Social Security in Spadolini government. Re-elected Deputy, 1983. Undersecretary of the Interior in 1st and 2nd Craxi government.

      Reelected Deputy, 1987, and Senator, for Mondovi constituency, (opted for Deputy). Under Secretary for Public Works in Goria government. Minister without portfolio of Community Affairs and Regions.

      Lawyer, writer. Director of the bi-weekly paper Provincia 2000.


    Party affiliation: Italian Liberal Party

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    Born September 8, 1936