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Maurice Jacques COUVE DE MURVILLE, French Senator. Commander of the Legion of Honour.


  • COUVE DE MURVILLE, Maurice Jacques was born on January 24, 1907 in Reims, Mame, France. Parents: Edouard Couve de Murville and Hermine Couve de Murville (née Caesar).

  • Education

    • Carnot High School; Faculties of Law and Letters, Paris, first degree in literature, doctorate in law. Independent School of Political Science, diploma.


    • Treasury Inspectorate official, 1930. Treasury Inspector (1st place in entry examination), 1932. On detachment to board of General Funds Movement, 1936.

      Under-Director, 1937, then Deputy Director, 1938, General Funds Movement (Exchequer). Director of Foreign Finance and Exchange, 1940, revoked by Vichy Government, 1943. Secretary-General of Commander-in-Chief, Algeria, then member of French National Liberation Committee, 1943.

      French delegate to Consultative Council for Italy, 1944. Minister for Foreign Affairs (under de Gaulle, Debré and Pompidou), 1958-1968. Minister for Economy and Finance, 1968.

      Deputy for Paris, 6th constituency: 8th arrondissement, 1968. Prime Minister, 1968-1969. General Treasury Inspector, 1969.

      Deputy UDR then Rassemblement pour la République (Rally for the Republic) for Paris, 8th arrondissement 1973-1986. Chairman of Foreign Affairs Commission, National Assembly, 1973 and 1978. Member of Regional Council for Ile-de-France, since 1976.

      Senator Rassemblement pour la République (Rally for the Republic) for Paris, since 1986. Ambassador to Rome, 1945. Director-General of Political Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy to Minister, Council of Four, 1945-1950.

      Promoted to dignity of Ambassador of France, 1950. Ambassador to Egypt, 1950-1954. French permanent delegate to North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1954.

      Ambassador to United States, 1955. Ambassador to Federal Republic of Germany, 1956-1958.


    • Une politique étrangère 1958-1969, 1971 (Cerde de l’Union Prize).


    Party affiliation: Rally for the Republic


    Clubs: Morfontaine Golf Club.



    Bridge, cinema, sport.


    • Spouse Jacqueline Schweisguth, 1932. Children: Juliette, Dorothée, Béatrice.
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    Born January 24, 1907