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Dieuwke de GRAAFF-NAUTA, Dutch Secretary of State at the Ministry for Home Affairs. Christian Historical Union (CHU), 1962.


  • De GRAAFF-NAUTA, Dieuwke was born on May 22, 1930 in Sneek.

  • Career

    • Member, Friesland Provincial Council, 1962. CHU Representative, Sneek Municipal Council, 1966-1978. Alderman, Sneek, with responsibility for education, public health and the environment, 197078.

      Leader, Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP), Christian Historical Union (CHU) and Catholic People's Party (KVP), later to become the Christian Democratic Alliance, on the Friesland Provincial Council, 1970-1982. Member, Christen Democratisch Appel (Christian Democratic Appeal) Presidium, 1980-1982. Member, Friesland Provincial Executive, Friesland, with responsibility for general affairs, inter-provincial co-operation, admin, organisation, supervision of municipal authorities, planning and co-ordination and information, since 1982.

      Chairwoman, Waddenzee Provinces Steering Committee and Deputy Chairwoman, Co-ordinating Board for the Waddenzee Area and Member, Executive Committee, Northern Provinces. State Secretary, Home Affairs, July 1986 and since 1989. Primary school teacher, Parrega, 1949-1951.

      Secondary school teacher, Utrecht, 1952-1954.


    Christian Historical Union (CHU), 1962.
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    Born May 22, 1930


    Olga Borisik

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