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Karel Lodewyk Georges Emmerance DE GUCHT

Karel Lodewyk Georges Emmerance DE GUCHT, Belgian Member of the European Parliament.


  • DE GUCHT, Karel Lodewyk Georges Emmerance was born on January 27, 1954 in Overmere. Parents: Frédéric De Gucht and Yvonne De Gucht (née Buyle).

  • Education

    • Royal Atheneum Aalst, 1965-1971. Free University Brussels, Master of Arts law, 1971 -76. Spoken languages: Dutch, French, English, German.


    • Pres, young liberals, Free University Brussels, 197476. National Pres, liberal students, 1976-1977. National Pres, young Partij voor Vrijheid en Vooruitgang (Party for Reform and Freedom), 197779.

      Member of the European Parliament, since 1980. Alderman for finances, Lebbeke, 1983-1989. Vice-pres. Partij voor Vrijheid en Vooruitgang (Party for Reform and Freedom), 1986-1989.

      Member of town council, Berlare, since 1989. Former pres, sub-committee human rights. Member of legal commission.

      Member of institutional commission. Deputy at Economic and Monetary commission. Member of delegation European Parliament - URSS.

      Barrister, Termonde, since 1970. Managing Partner, Venture Capital Fund, since 1989.


    • European Security in the light of the changes in East-West relations, in European Affairs, 1989. De aansprakelijkheid van staten voor inbreuken op hun internationale verplichtingen, in Rechskundig Weekblad, 1988.


    Party affiliation: Liberal Party


    • Spouse Mireille Schreurs, 1982. Children: Frédéric, Jean-Jacques.
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    Born January 27, 1954
    (age 63)