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Xavier DENIAU, French politician. French delegation to United Nations 1955-1958, to NATO 1960-1962; Commission, nationale pour l'education, la science et la culture 1968; Societe frangaise d'onomastique; Overseas Academy, of Sciences since 1974.


  • DENIAU, Xavier was born on September 24, 1923 in Paris, France. Parents: Marc Deniau and Marie-Berthe Deniau (née LothSimmonds).

  • Education

    • Buffon High School, Paris. Pasteur High School, Neuilly-sur-Seine. Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague School, Paris.

      Independent School of Political Sciences, Paris. Faculty of Law, Paris. School for Overseas Administrations, diploma.


    • Colonial Administrator, 1944. Head of District, then Provincial Head, Indochina. Director of Cameroon Foreign Relations.

      Political adviser to High Commisssioner General, Dakar, 1958-1959. Member of United Nations French Delegation, 1955-1958, North Atlantic Treaty Organization French Delegation, 1960-1962. Technical advisor to office of Minister for Armed Forces, responsible for diplomatic affairs, 1960-1962.

      Master of Petitions, Council of State, since 1962. Deputy for Loiret, 4th constituency. Montargis, Gien, 1962-1972.

      Rapporteur of Foreign Affairs Committee for Cultural Relations and Technical Co-operation, 1962-1972. Vice-Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee, 1968-1972 and since 1973. Member of National Committee for Education, Science and Culture, 1968.

      Secretary-General, of International French-Speaking Parliamentarians Association, since 1967. Vice-Chairman of National France-Canada Association, 1966-1969. Chairman, 1969-1972, then Honorary Chairman of France-Quebec Association.

      Chairman of National Assembly France-Cameroon, 196372, France-Ireland, France-Quebec and France-Canada Friendship Groups. 1967-1972 and since 1973. Co-Chmn. of Oder-Neisse League.

      Vice-chairman of International Association for French-Speaking Solidarity. Member of administrative board of Alliance Française. Mayor of Escrignelles, since 1965.

      Secretary of State to Prime Minister, responsible for Overseas Territories and Departments, under Pierre Messmer, 197273. Member of Gaullist Presence and Action Parliamentary Association. Deputy for Loiret, 4th constituency: Montargis, since 1973, within UDR group at National Assembly.

      Regional Councillor for Centre, 1974-1986. Chairman of Committee for Frenchspeaking communities, since 1973. Member of Academy of Overseas Sciences, since 1974.



    French delegation to United Nations 1955-1958, to NATO 1960-1962. Commission, nationale pour l'education, la science et la culture 1968. Societe frangaise d'onomastique.

    Overseas Academy, of Sciences since 1974.


    • Spouse Irène Ghica-Cantacuzène, 1953. Children: François-Xavier, Cécile, Marie-Abeille, Martin, Clarisse.
    • father: Marc Deniau
    • mother: Marie-Berthe Loth-Simmonds
    • spouse: Irene Ghica-Cantacuzene
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    Born September 24, 1923


    Olga Borisik

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