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Paul DEPREZ, Belgian Senator.


  • DEPREZ, Paul was born on May 22, 1937 in Courtrai, Belgium. Parents: Remi Deprez and Julia Deprez.

  • Education

    • College of St. Amand, Courtrai, Classics, 1950-1956. Catholic University of Leuven, Bachelor of Arts notary, doctorate in law, 1956-1961.


    • Mayor, Heestert, 1971-1976. District secretary and district chair Christelijke Volkspartij (Christian People's Party) youth, 1972-1982. First alderman finance and education, Zwevegcm.

      1977-1988; co-opted member of Christelijke Volkspartij (Christian People's Party) national party Committee, 1982. First alderman, small businesses, 1983-1988. Senator, Courtrai-Ypres district, since 1983.

      Community Minister for External Relations, 1985-1988. Mayor, Zwevegem, since 1989. Member, senate commissions on foreign relations, finance, agriculture and small business and development co-operation.

      Member Flemish council. Member, Christelijke Volkspartij (Christian People's Party) district and National party committee. Secretary, VKW (alliance of catholic employers) West Flanders, 1962-1979.

      Master, 1PSOC, Kortrijk, 196376. General secretary, VKW, since 1919.


    Party affiliation: Christian Social Party


    Denomination: Christian


    • Spouse Beatrice Derycke, 1968. Children: Hilde, Hendrik, Edward.
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    Born May 22, 1937