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Irena DURISOVA, Member of the Slovak National Council. Order of February 25th 2nd Grade. 1949; for Services in the Reconstruction, 1955; for Services - 10 Years People's Militia, 1958; Order of Labour. 1968.


  • DURISOVA, Irena was born on March 26, 1918 in Pitvarov, Bratislava, Bulgaria.

  • Career

    • Member, illegal Centre Party, Slovakia, 1942. Member, illegal Regional Committee, Centre Party, Slovakia, Hnusta, 1942-1945. Took part in Slovak Uprising, 1944.

      Chairperson, Banska Bystrica Regional Committee, Centre Party of Slovakia, 1949-1952. Deputy to Slovak National Council, since 1948. Member, Central Committee, Centre Party of Slovakia, 1950-1955.

      Deputy Chairperson, Slovak National Council, 1950-1960. Member, Council of World Union of Democratic Women, since 1950. Chairperson, Committee of Czechoslovak Committee of Defenders of Peace (CSVOM), 1952-1958.

      Member, Central Committee, CSSR, 1954-1958. Member, Presidium, Slovak Committee of Defenders of Peace, 1955-1958. Deputy Chairperson, Slovak Elections Commission for Elections to National Committee, 1957.

      Member, Central Committee, Slovak National Front, since 1957. Member, Presidium, Slovak National Council, 1960-1964. Member, Control and Auditing Commission at Central Committee, Centre Party of Slovakia, since 1962.

      Member, State Population Commission, 1963-1968. Member, Slovak Elections Commission, 1964. Member, Commission for Trade of Slovak National Council, 1964-1968.

      Chairperson, Slovak Committee of Czechoslovak Union of Women (CSSZ), 1967-1969. Member, Presidium and Deputy Chairperson, Central Committee, CSSZ, 1967-1969. Member, Slovak Elections Commissions, 1968.

      Member, Presidium of Slovak National Council, 1969-1981. Member, Chamber of Nations Federal Assembly CSSR. since 1969. Chairperson, Central Committee of Slovak Union of Women (SZZ), since 1969.

      Member, Slovak National Council, since 1981. Worked in Textile co-operative, Rimavskâ Sobota. 1946-1948.


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    Born March 26, 1918


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