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Lydie Clementine Nicole ERR

Lydie Clementine Nicole ERR, Member of the Chamber of Deputies.


  • ERR, Lydie Clementine Nicole was born on April 23, 1949 in Petange, Luxembourg.

  • Education

    • Girls’ High School, Luxembourg. 1962-1969, University entrance examination. University of Strasbourg, 196974, first degree in law.

      Strasbourg Institute of Advanced European Studies, 1974-1975, diploma. Spoken languages: French, German, English, Italian, Spanish.


    • Local councillor in Petange 1981-1985. Vice-Chairman of Parliament, since 1989. Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee.

      Ex-Chmn. of Legal Committee. Vice-Chairman of Socialist Workers Party group. National Pres, of Socialist Women since 1983.

      National Chairman of Socialist Lawyers since 1983. Member of the Chamber of Deputies since 1984, vice-pres. 1989-1991; member legal ettee.

      1984-1989; member of Supervision Committee of Socialist Workers Party. Ex-member of Environment Committee. Ex-member of Letting Lease Committee.

      Member of Constitution Committee. Member of Public Security Committee. Member of Legal Committee.

      Vice-President, Bureau of Chamber of Deputies. President, External and European Affairs Committee, since 1989. President, control commission, Socialist workers Party, since 1991.

      Member, Paly. Assemblies of the Western European Union and The Council of Europe, since 1991. Vice-President, Parliamentary Assembly of the Western European Union, since 1992. Barrister, Luxembourg, since 1976.


    Clubs: Michel Delvaux Circle.



    Environment, equality between the sexes, third and fourth world.

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    Born April 23, 1949
    (age 68)


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