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Claude EVIN

Claude EVIN, French politician. Loire-Atlantique Federation Committee of Socialist Party since 1977; Social Security Audit Commission 1985.


  • EVIN, Claude was born on June 29, 1949 in Cellier, LoireAtlantique. Parents: André Evin and Adrienne Evin (née Lecommandeur).

  • Career

    • Deputy Federal Secretary, Unified Socialist Party of Loire-Atlantique, 1973-1974. Secretary of Saint-Nazaire section, 1975-1977, and member of LoireAtlantique Federal Committee of Socialist Party, since 1975. Town Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Saint-Nazaire, since 1977.

      Deputy for LoireAtlantique, 6th constituency, Saint-Nazaire, 1978-1988, gave up seat to Marie-Madeleine Dieulangard. Chairman of Committee for Cultural, Family and Social Affairs, National Assembly, 1981-1986. Member of Social Security Audit Commission, 1985.

      Vice-Chairman of National Assembly, 1986-1988. Minister Delegate to Minister for Social Affairs and Employment, responsible for social protection 1988. Minister for Solidarity, Health, Social Protection and Government, since 1988.

      Teacher of handicapped children.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party


    Loire-Atlantique Federation Committee of Socialist Party since 1977. Social Security Audit Commission 1985.


    • Spouse Françoise Guillet, 1971. Children: two.
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    Born June 29, 1949
    (age 68)


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