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Dr. Klaus-Dieter FEIGE

Dr. Klaus-Dieter FEIGE, German Member of the Bundestag. Conservation Alliance of Germany; Green League.


  • FEIGE, Dr. Klaus-Dieter was born on September 30, 1950 in Parchim.

  • Education

    • University of Rostock, mathematics, 1968-1972, Diploma, 1972.


    • Member, Green Party of Deutsche Demokratische Republik, since its foundation. Committee, Mecklenburg and Vorpommern. Member, The Greens, December since 1990.

      Researcher. Centre for Animal Production, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, former Deutsche Demokratische Republik, since 1972. Group Manager for Programming. Head of Department of computer technology.


    Party affiliation: Alliance 90/ The Greens


    Conservation Alliance of Germany. Green League.
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    Born September 30, 1950
    (age 67)