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Rosa FILIPPINI, Italian Deputy.


  • FILIPPINI, Rosa was born on November 3, 1954 in Naples.

  • Career

    • Radical activist 1971-1979. Co-founded, with Mario Signorino, Italian section of Friends of the Earth. President, Italian section.

      Friends of the Earth, 1983-1987. Promoter of Green Lists until 1983 administrative election campaign. Councillor, Rome, 1985.

      Copromoter of National referendum against hunting. Directed Committee for gathering signatures. National referendum against hunting.

      Elected Deputy, Genova-Imperia-La Spezia-Savona, 1987. Vice-President of Green Parliamentary group. Member Committee for Justice.

      Member Regulatory Body.


    Party affiliation: Green Party

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    Born November 3, 1954
    (age 62)


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