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Georges FLAGOTHIER, Belgian Senator.


  • FLAGOTHIER, Georges was born on March 17, 1929 in Sprimont.

  • Education

    • Seminary, Saint-Roch Ferrières, Classics.


    • Member of various Ministerial Cabinets, 1971-1977. Senator, 1977-1981; CUr., Cabinet of Minister of Interior, 1981-1984. Coopted Senator, 1984-1985.

      Provincial Senator, Liège, since 1985. Admin, and Financial Officer, Senate. Member of Senate Commissions.

      Mem.of Christian Social Party Committee, Liège. Member of Christian Social Party Managing Committee. Freelance worker, 1946-1952.

      Bus driver, 1952-1961. Employee, Christian Mutual Benefit Insurance. President, Inter-Communal Society of Medical-Social Work, Ourthe-Amblève.

      President, Federation of Christian Mutual Benefit Insurance, Liège Province. Admin., Intercommunal Association, for Separation and Purification of Communes, Liège Region. Admin., HBM, Ourthe-Amblève.

      President, Association, for Economic Boost. Ourthe-Amblève.


    Party affiliation: Christian Social Party

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    Born March 17, 1929