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Francesco FORTE

Francesco FORTE, Italian Senator. Honorary Doctorate from University of Buckingham, United Kingdom.


  • FORTE, Francesco was born on February 11, 1929 in Buslo Arsizio, Varese, Italy.

  • Education

    • Pavia University, Degree in Jurisprudence, 1951.


    • Deputy, Como-Sondrio-Varese, 1979. President Committee on Industry. Head Economic Section, Partito Socialista Italiano (Italian Socialist Party), 1981-1982.

      Minister for Finance, in 5th Fanfani government. Minister for Coordination of European Community Policy, in 1st Craxi government. Under-Sec for Foreign Affairs.

      Delegate for Extraordinary Interventions in the 3rd World, in 2nd Craxi government. Re-elected Deputy and Senator for Sondrio, declined to be Deputy in favour of the Senate, 1987. Member Committee on Budget.

      University Professor. Economic consultant; writer. Lecturing assistant, Financial Science, Pavia Ateneo.

      Professor of Financial Science, State University Milan, 195557. Professor of Political Economy and Financial Science, Urbino University, 1950-1961. Chair of Financial Science, Turin University, 1961.

      Visiting Professor Brooking Institution, Washington, 1966-1967. University of Virginia, 1968. University of California, 1969-1970.

      Honorary President, International Institute of Public Finance. Vice President of David Hume Society. President of Politeia.

      Vice President of ENI from 1971-1975. President of Textile group ENI. Lecturer, Political Economy, Faculty of Economics and Trade, University of Rome.

      1984; Lecturer, Financial Science, Faculty of Economics and Trade, University of Rome, 1985.


    • Manuale di política economica’, Turin, 1973. ‘II sistema tributario’, Milan, 1983. ‘Prezzi pubblici e tariffe’, Milan 1984.

      ‘Oltre questa Europa’, Milan, 1984. ‘II bilancio nella economía pubblica’, Milan, 1985. ‘Verso la lira pesante’, Milan, 1987.

      ‘Principi di Economía finanziaria’, Milan, 1987. ‘Etica pubblica e rególe delgioco’, Milan, 1987.


    Party affiliation: Italian Socialist Party

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    Born February 11, 1929