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Andre FOSSET, French politician and former newspaper publisher. Municipal Council, Paris, and General Council, Seine 1945-1959; Senate 1958-1976, since 1977; Economical Social Council 1977, European Pari. 1977-1978.


  • FOSSET, André was born on November 13, 1918 in Paris, France. Parents: Emile Fosset and Suzanne Fosset (née Brunei).

  • Education

    • Avenue Simon-Bolivar School, Paris. Spoken languages: French.


    • Regional Councillor for Ile de France Region, 1947-1959, re-elected 1977, 1986. Senator for Seine, 1958, re-elected 1959. Senator for Hauts-de-Seine, 1968, reelected 1977, 1986.

      Questeur of the Senate (administrative and financial officer), 1968-1971, since 1989. Minister for Quality of Life, 1976. Vice-Chairman of French Association for Defence of Environment, 1976.

      Founding President of Paris Union of Associations for Home Care and Treatment. Vice-Chairman of Saint-Michel Hospital. Chairman of French Exhibition Committee. since 1977.

      Member of Economic and Social Council, 1977. Member of Commission for Economic Affairs and of the Plan. Ex-Chmn. and ex officio member of Centrist Union group, since 1977.

      Founder member of Union for Democratic and Constitutional Liberties. Founder member of Association for alternative Route to Progress. Member of management committee of European Union of Christian Democrats.

      Vice-Chairman of Parliamentary Association. ExChmn. of Commission of Control for examination of management of French Railways Board (SNCF), 1984. Chairman of Union for French Democracy group of Regional Council for Ile-de-France Region, since 1986.

      VIce-Pres. du council regional d’Ile de France, 1992. Chargé de Faction Social et du logement, 1992. Administrator of Orfèvrerie Christofte (silver-smiths), 1972-1976, since 1977.

      Chairman and Managing Director of Parisien libéré, journal, 1978-1982, Honorary Chairman, since 1982. Administrator of French television station. Antenne 2, since 1982.


    Party affiliation: Centre of Social Democrats




    Municipal Council, Paris, and General Council, Seine 1945-1959. Senate 1958-1976, since 1977. Economical Social Council 1977, European Pari.



    • Spouse Geneviève Richard, 1941. Children: Michel, Marie-Thérèse, Josiane, Marc, Bernard.
    • father: Emile
    • mother: Suzanne (Brunei) Fosset
    • spouse: Genevieve Richard
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    Born November 13, 1918


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