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Paulette FOST

Paulette FOST, French Senator.


  • FOST, Paulette was born on September 18, 1937 in Paris, France.

  • Career

    • Cell secretary, section leader, member of Seine-SaintDenis Federal Committee, member of Central Committee, since 1976, of French Communist Party. Departmental Councillor for Seine-Saint-Denis canton, 1973, and 1st Vice-Chairman of Departmental Council, responsible for environment and immigration, since 1976. Town Councillor and 1 st Deputy Mayor of Saint-Ouen, responsible for town planning and housing. since 1977.

      Member of secretariat of National Association of Communist and Republican Representatives, since 1977. Deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis, 1 st constituency: Saint-Ouen, 1978-1981. Mayor of Saint-Ouen, since 1979.

      Senator for Seine-Saint-Denis, since 1986.


    Party affiliation: Communist Party

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    Born September 18, 1937


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