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Claude Jean Louis FUZIER

Claude Jean Louis FUZIER, French Senator. President, University Office for Socialist Research, since 1989.


  • FUZIER, Claude Jean Louis was born on June 2, 1924 in Paris, France. Parents: Henri Fuzier and Marie-Thérèse Fuzier (née Himbert).

  • Education

    • Faculty of Letters, University of Paris, degree in literature and higher diploma in history.


    • Secretary-General, Federation of the Seine, PS, 1956-1967. Member, Bureau, PS, 1963. Town Councillor and Mayoral Assistant, Bondy, since 1965.

      Secretary, PS, 1969-1970. Member, Bureau, PS, 1971-1973. District member, Parisian Region, 1971.

      Regional Councillor, Paris, since 1971. General Councillor, Bondy-Nord-Ouest, 1976-1988. Mayor, Bondy, 1977; Senator, PS, Seine-Saint-Denis, 1977-1986.

      Deputy, PS, Seine-SaintDenis, 1988. Administration. Nouvelles Messageries de la presse parisienne, 1947-1956. Member. Mission in Cabinet of Minister of Social Affairs, 1956-1957.

      Journalist, since 1957. Editor, Populaire de Paris, 1958. Editor-in-Chief, Démocratie, 196!-.

      Editor-in-Chief, Populaire de Paris, 1963-1970.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party


    President, University Office for Socialist Research, since 1989.


    • Spouse Nicole Fuzier (née Azoulay), 1970. Children: Gérard, Jean-Claude (First Marriage), Frédéric (second marriage).
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    Born June 2, 1924