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Maria Pia GARAVAGLIA is an Italian politician, former Italian Minister of Health during the Carlo Azeglio Ciampi government and former Deputy Mayor of Rome.


  • GARAVAGLIA, Maria Pia was born on August 10, 1947 in Cuggiono, Milan, Italy.

  • Education

    • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Degree in Literature. Higher Institute of Religious Science, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Student, Faculty of Political Science.


    • Member Provincial Committee of Christian Democrats, Milan. Member Women's Movement, Provincial Delegate, 1976. Member Women's Promotionary Group, Christian Democrats.

      Member Regional Women's Consultancy, Christian Democrats. Assessor for Public Instruction, Health and Social Services, Cuggiono. Member leadership Consortium for the integration of the handicapped of Mesero.

      Deputy, Milan-Pavia, since 1979. Member Committee on Hygene and Public Health. Member Committee on Justice.

      Re-elected deputy, 1987. Member Committee, Social Affairs. Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health.

      Teacher of Letters, Liceo Scientifico. Council administrator, Cuggiono. Milan; journalist, press agent.

      Voluntary worker for the help and recovery of drug addicts.


    Party affiliation: Christian Democratic Party



    Problems of invalids.

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    Born August 10, 1947
    (age 70)


    Alexandra Remova

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