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Norbert GEIS

Norbert GEIS, German Member of the Bundestag.


  • GEIS, Norbert was born on January 13, 1939 in Großwallstadt, West Germany.

  • Education

    • Classical secondary school Aschaffenburg. Study of philosophy, theology, law. First state exam in law, 1966.

      Second state exam in law, 1969.


    • Research assistent, Federal Parliament (Bundestag). District chairman, JU, 1970. Mayor, Edelbach, 1971-1972.

      District chairman, Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union), district of Aschaffenburg, since 1972. Member of district assembly, Aschaffenburg, since 1972. Member of municipal council, KJeinkahl-Edelbach, until 1978.

      Member of regional parliament, Bayern, 1981 -85. Member of Bundestag, Aschaffenburg, since 1987. Lawyer, law practice in Aschaffenburg, since 1970.


    Party affiliation: Christian Social Union



    Denomination: Christian

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    Born January 13, 1939