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Robert GOEBBELS, Minister of Economy and Commerce, Minister of Public Works and Minister of Tranport.


  • Secretary General of Socialist Youth. Member of management Committee of POSL, 1970-1985. Secretary General of POSL, 1980-1985.

    Secretary of Parliamentary POSL Group. 1974-1984; City Councillor, Luxembourg. 1976, re-elected 1982.

    Deputy, 1984. re-elected 1989. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Foreign Trade and Cooperation, 1984.

    Secretary of State for the Middle Classes, 1984. Chairman of Schengen Accord Conference: Chairman of Internal Market Council and of Council for Development of the Communities, 1985. Co-Chairman of 1st CE-ASEAN Meeting of Ministers of the Economy.

    Luxembourg signatory of Lomé Convention and Single European Act. Vice-Chairman of Ministerial Conference of General Agreement on Tarifs and Trade, Punta del Este (Uruguay Round). Chairman of opening session of CSCE meeting in Vienna.

    1988; Minister of the Economy and Commerce, Minister of Transport and Minister of Public Works, since 1989. Journalist; columnist of Tageblatt (daily newspaper). Chairman of Luxembourg Journalists Association, 1972-1974.


parti Ouvrier Socialiste Luxembourgeois (POSL, Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party)

Party affiliation: Socialist Workers' Party

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