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Giovanni GORIA

Giovanni GORIA, Italian Minister of Finance.


  • GORIA, Giovanni was born on July 30, 1943 in Asti, Italy.

  • Education

    • Turin University, Degree in Economics and Commerce.


    • Deputy, CuneoAlessandria-Asti, 1976. Re-elected Deputy, 1979. Member Committee on Finance, Treasury.

      Collaborator, Economic Office, Christian Democrats, 1977. Economic Advisor to the Presidency of the Council in the Andreotti governments. Under-Secretary for Budget and Economic Planning, in 1st Spadolini government.

      Resigned, 1982 to take on Head of Economic Department of Christian Democrats. Minister for Treasury, in Fanfani government, 1982. Confirmed as Minister for Treasury in Craxi governments, and in 6th Fanfani government.

      Reelected Deputy, 1987. Formed 1987 government. Pres, of Council of Ministers.

      Former Minister for Extraordinary Interventions in the South. Minister of Finance; Member of the European Parliament, since 1989.


    Party affiliation: Christian Democratic Party

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    Born July 30, 1943
    (age 74)


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