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Ambroise Michel Jean Marie GUELLEC

Ambroise Michel Jean Marie GUELLEC, French Deputy.


  • GUELLEC, Ambroise Michel Jean Marie was born on March 26, 1941 in Peumerit, Finistère, France. Parents: Pierre Guellec and Marie-Anne Guellec (née Hascoêt).

  • Education

    • National Institute of Agronomy, rural forestry engineer, agronomist.


    • Mayor of Pouldreuzic, since 1979. Departmental Councillor for Finistère, PlogastelSaint-Germain canton, since 1982. On detachment to Regional Mission for Pays de la Loire, 1982.

      Secretary of State for Mantime Affairs, 1986-1988. Deputy for Finistère, since 1988. Deputy Departmental Director for Agriculture in Loire-Atlantiquc, 1970-1979.

      Sub-Director for farming modernisation and equipment. Ministry of Agriculture. 1979-1982; Chief Engineer, for Rural Engineering and Forestry.


    Party affiliation: Centrist Union


    • Spouse Marie-Antoinette Coussivou, 1967. Children: Laurence, Ronan.
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    Born March 26, 1941