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Francois GUILLAUME, Belgian Senator.


  • GUILLAUME, Francois was born on February 15, 1936 in Ixelles.

  • Education

    • Secondary School, Schaerbeek.


    • Deputy Mayor for Education, Culture and Sport, 1965-1970. Mayor, Evere, since 1970. Provincial Councillor, Brabant, 1971-1977.

      Deputy, 1977-1978; Senator, Brussels. 1979-1980, then since 1985. Deputy, Brussels, 1980-1985.

      Member of Senate Commissions and Interparly. Council for Benelux; Councillor, Council for City of Brussels. President. Intercommunal Society for Electricity and Gas, Brussels.

      Commissioner, Intercommunal Water Company, Brussels. Member of Admin. Council, Union of Belgian Towns and Communes. Minister for Health and Social Affairs of the French Community.

      Editor, analytical summary from Chamber of Representatives, 1964-1977.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party

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    Born February 15, 1936