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Christine HAAGER

Christine HAAGER, Austrian Member of the Nationalrat.


  • HAAGER, Christine was born on July 2, 1938 in Mödling.

  • Education

    • Trained as retail salesperson. Social academy.


    • Secretary. Chamber for Workers and Employees, since 1978. Functionary. Union of Metal and Energy Workers, 1964. Regional women’s chairwoman, Austrian Trade Union Federation, Lower Austria, 1978.

      Member, Modling municipal council, 1980-1990. Town councillor, 1982-1985. Replaced retired member of Nationalrat Josef Hesoun, December 1990.

      Saleswoman, 1955-1958. Optical examiner, 1962-1973. Educational head, Austrian Trade Union Federation centre for manpower studies, 1973-1978.


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    Born July 2, 1938