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Heidi Anneli HAUTALA

Heidi Anneli HAUTALA, Member of the Eduskunta.


  • HAUTALA, Heidi Anneli was born on November 14, 1955 in Oulu, Finland.

  • Education

    • Master of Agricultural and Silvic Sciences, 1988.


    • Member, Helsinki City Cncl, since 1985. Chairperson, Green Party, 1987-1991. Alternate member, city board, 1987-1988.

      Member, since 1989; Member of Parliament. since 1991. Member. Environmental Committee. Member, Grand Committee.

      Member of the Eduskunta. Reporter; freelance editor, 1987.


    Party affiliation: Vihrea Liitto

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    Born November 14, 1955
    (age 61)