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Gustave HOFMAN

Gustave HOFMAN, Belgian Senator.


  • HOFMAN, Gustave was born on July 23, 1939 in Cheratle.

  • Education

    • Teacher Training College, Liège, Science and Geography, 1958-1960.


    • Local Councillor, Cheratte, 1970-1976. Local Councillor, Visé, since 1977. Attaché, Cabinet for Public Works, 1977-1980.

      Councillor to Secretary General of Liège, 1980-1985. Attaché, Provincial Society for Industrialisation, since 1985. Senator. Liège, since 1985.

      First Vice-President, Walloon Regional Council. Member of Senate Commissions, Walloon Regional Council and Council of French Community. Member of PS Executive, Liège Federation.

      Teacher, Royal Secondary School, Florennes, 1960-1961, then Royal Secondary School, Soumagne, 1961-1977. Lecturer, Social Advancement, Soumagne, 1962-1985.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party

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    Born July 23, 1939