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Johan Joergen HOLST

Johan Joergen HOLST, Norwegian Minister of Defence.


  • HOLST, Johan Joergen was born on November 29, 1937 in Oslo, Norway. Parents: Nils Holst and Ester Holst (née Salvesen).

  • Education

    • Degree. Political Science. Columbia University, USA. University of Oslo; spoken languages: English, French, German, Russian, Norwegian.


    • State Secretary, Ministry of Defence, 1976-1979, since 1990. State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1979-1981. Minister of Defence, 198689.

      Council Member, International Institute of Strategic Studies (1ISS). President, European Movement in Norway. Special Advisor, Police Comm, on Disarmament and Security Issues.

      Special Advisor, World Comm, on Environment and Redevelopment. Head, Steering Group on New Approaches to Non-Proliferation: European Approaches. Research Associate, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, 196062, 1963-1967.

      Research Associate, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, USA, 1967-1969. Research Assco., Hudson Institute, New York, USA. Head of Research, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), 1969-1976, Director, 1981-1988, 1989-1990.


    • Fifteen books, many professional articles.


    Party affiliation: Norwegian Labor Party





    Olympic philately, skiing, running. Foreign affairs, defence, culture.


    • Spouse Marianne Heiberg. Children: Haldis Margrite, Kerstin Elisabeth, Johan Jorgen Junior, Katerina Andrea, Edward Heiberg.
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    Born November 29, 1937


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