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Robert HOTYAT, Belgian Senator.


  • HOTYAT, Robert was born on July 6, 1934 in Ixelles, Belgium. Parents: Edmond Hotyat and Maria Hotyat (née Leclerq).

  • Education

    • Free University of Brussels, Bachelor of Geographical Science, 1953-1957. Spoken languages: French, Dutch, English, Italian.


    • Assistant Chef de Cabinet of the Minister-Sec. of State for Walloon Regional Economy, 1968-1972. Member Agglomeration Council of Brussels, leader of the Socialist Group, 1973-1989. Provincial Councillor, Brabant, 1974-1977.

      Local Councillor, WatermaelBoitsfort, 1977-1990. Deputy Mayor, then First Deputy Mayor, Watermael-Boitsfort, 1977-1988. Member of French Commission for Culture, Brussels Agglomeration, Leader of Socialist Group, 1979-1989, then Vice-President, 1987-1989.

      Senator, since 1985; Member of the Council of the Bruxelles-Capitale region, 1989 and leader of the Socialist Group, 1989-1990. Vice-President, PS and President, Brussels Federation of PS, 1989-1990. Secretary of State of the Bruxelles-Capitale region, in charge of non economic scientific research, town planning and waste policy, Asst, to Prime Minister of the Bruxelles-Capitale region, since 1990.

      Attaché, Centre of Study for Social and Professional Problems, 195761. Researcher, Institute of Sociology, Free University of Brussels, 1958-1961. Fellow assistant, National Fund for Scientific Research, 1961-1964.

      Researcher, Walloon Institute for Economic and Social Development and Land Planning. Lecturer at Institute for Staff Education for Development, IFCAD, 1966-1978. then Director ofResearch at Centre of Studies of human resources management, (CEPPAC), 1967 and at IFCAD, 1968-1969, General Secretary, Institute for Encouragement of Scientific Research in Industry and Agriculture, 1970-1971. First adviser at the Office of Economic Programming, 1971-1972.

      First Councillor, Planning Bureau, 197285.


    • Numerous books on land planning and employment problems.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party



    Culture; town planning, land policy, housing, infrastructure.


    • Spouse Andrée Mayné, 1959. Children: Pierre, Vincent.
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    Born July 6, 1934