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Rosa JERVOLINO RUSSO, Italian Minister Without Portfolio for Social Affairs. thesis immediately published and received National Prize for the best thesis on women’s position.


  • JERVOLINO RUSSO, Rosa was born on September 17, 1936 in Naples, Italy.

  • Education

    • University of Rome, Degree in Jurisprudence (with max. honours). Teaching qualification. Economics and Law.


    • National Vice-President, Centro Italiano Femminile (CIF. Italian Women's Centre), 1968-1978. National Councillor, member of Presidency, CIF. Member National Executive Women's Movement, Christian Democrats, 1968-1978.

      National Vice-Delegate, Christian Democrats, 1978. National Councillor, Christian Democrats. Member Regional Committee, Christian Democrats, and Exec, of Women's Movement, Christian Democrats, Region of Lazio, since 1963.

      National Leader of Family Office, Christian Democrats, 1974. Member Leadership of Women's Movement in European Popular Party. Administrative Councillor, RA1, 1975.

      Head of Christian Democrats Group, RA1. Elected to Senate, Rome, since 1979. Member Committees on Justice, Hygiene and Health, Committee of Inquiry and Regional Affairs.

      Member Leadership Committee of Christian Democrats Parliamentary Group, then President, since 1985. Member Committee on Hygiene and Health. Member Parliamentary Supervisory Committee on Radio-TV Services.

      Former Head of Sub-Cttee. on supervision of Radio-TV Services, 1985. Minister for Special Affairs, since 1989. Minister of Education.

      Lawyer; employee. Study Office of National Council of Economics and Labour (CNEL), 1961-1968. Employee, Legislative Office, Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning. Writer on several newspapers and magazines.

      Member of editorial team of CIF Cronache ed. Opinioni (monthly); member editorial team, Donna e Société. Secretary Association, Maria Montessori for the religious education of children.


    Party affiliation: Christian Democratic Party


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    Born September 17, 1936


    Tania Yalovchuk

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