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Detlef KLEINERT, German Member of the Bundestag.


  • KLEINERT, Detlef was born on July 26, 1932 in Essen, West Germany.

  • Career

    • Chairman, Freie Demokratische Partei (Free Democratic Party) Hanover, 1957. Member of Bundestag, since 1969. Treasurer, Lower Saxony.

      Member of Federal council. Member of Freie Demokratische Partei (Free Democratic Party) Federal Committee until 1988. Lawyer and commissioner of oaths, Hanover, since 1960.

      Secretary, West Garantie Estate Management AG and Micro Capital Beteiligungen GmbH, Hanover. Member of committee, Wert Garantie Technische Verischerung AG, Hanover. Member of supervisory board electro Reut GmbH and Company and VWR Video Assessment GmbH and Company, Hanover.

      Member of advisory Council, Cement Accounts GmbH, (ZEMA).


    Party affiliation: Free Democratic Party

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    Born July 26, 1932