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Pierre LENFANT, Belgian Senator.


  • LENFANT, Pierre was born on December 16, 1940 in Beho. Parents: Guillaume Lenfant and Louise Lenfant (née Kaiser).

  • Education

    • Doctor of Medecine, studied surgery and obstetrics, 1960. Gynaecology, Université Catholique de Louvain (Catholic University of Louvain), 1970. Spoken languages: French, Dutch, German, English.


    • Senator, for district of Toumai-AthMovscron, since 1985. Current Ministerial offices, Deputy Representative on Committee for Foreign Trade, and on Committee for Agriculture and of the Middle Classes, Vice-President of Committee for Development Co-operation 1988, Acting Representative on Committee for Public Health and the Environment and on Committee for Social Affairs. Member. Regional Council of Wallonia, Acting Representative on Committee for the Budget, Finances and Housing, and on Committee for Economic Affairs, PME and Employment, Deputy Representative on Committee for Regional and National Development, New Technology and International Affairs.

      Member, Council of French Community 1989. Acting Representative Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Member. Executive Committee of Christian Social Party, 1981.

      Gynaecologist, Ath, 1971 -.


    Party affiliation: Christian Social Party




    • Spouse Anne Dioncq, 1967. Children: Patricia, Diane, Isabelle.
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    Born December 16, 1940