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Giovanni LEONE

Giovanni LEONE, Italian professor and politician.


  • LEONE, Giovanni was born on November 3, 1908 in Naples. Son of Mauro and Maria (Gioffrida) Leone.

  • Education

    • Degree in Jurisprudence, Naples University, 1929, Degree in Political and Social Sciences, 1930.


    • Polit. Secretary of Naples Committee, Christian Democrats, 1945. Elected Deputy to Constituent Assembly Naples-Caserta. 1946-1967; member Constituent Assembly.

      Member Committee of 75. Co-author of the Constitution, in particular those clauses regarding the Magistracy. Vice-President Chamber of Deputies, 1950.

      Substituted Giovanni Gronchi as Pres, of the Chamber of Deputies, 1955. Confirmed as Pres, of the Chamber. Invited to form the Government, 1963.

      Resigned, November 1963. Offical Candidate, for Christian Democrats, for Presidency of the Republic, 1964. Nominated Senator for life by President Giuseppe Saragat, 1967.

      Invited to form new government, 1968, of Christian Democrats deputies only. Member Committee on Justice, Senate. Spokesman for Reform Law for Penal Code.

      Elected Pres, of the Republic, by both Houses, 1971. Resigned 1978 following newspaper allegations/polemics. Proclaimed Senator for life, 1978.

      Member Committee on Justice. Lecturer, Criminal Procedure and Law, University of Camerino. Chair of Criminal Law and Procedure, 1935.

      Professor, University of Messina, Criminal Law and Procedure, 1936. Lecturer, University of Bari, 1940-1948, Naples, 194856. Lecturer, Criminal procedural law.

      Faculty of Jurisprudence, University of Rome, from 1956. President Italian Group of‘International Association of Penal Law', Member International Leadership Committee of the Association.


    • Trattato di Diritto processuale perale', ‘Istituzioni di Diritto Processuale e perale', ‘Testimonianze’, ‘Cinque mesi al Palazzo Chigi‘.


    Party affiliation: Christian Democratic Party


    • Married Vittoria Michitto in 1946.
    • father: Mauro
    • mother: Maria (Gioffrida) Leone
    • spouse: Vittoria Michitto
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    Born November 3, 1908


    Alexandra Remova

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      • Trattato di Diritto processuale perale', ‘Istituzioni di Diritto Processuale e perale', ‘Testimonianze’, ‘Cinque mesi al Palazzo Chigi‘.
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