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Jacques LEROY

Jacques LEROY, Belgian Senator.


  • LEROY, Jacques was born on October 12, 1937 in Flobecq Belgium.

  • Education

    • Teacher Training College, Charles Buis, qualified Secondary School Teacher, 1958. Evening Classes Strainchamps, Physiotherapy, 1961-1962.


    • Local Vice-President Treasurer, Centrale générale des Services publics (General Public Services Group), 1960-1988. Member of Centrale générale des Services publics (General Public Services Group) Regional Committee. Organizer. Local and Regional Committees for young Socialists and anti-nuclear marches, 196070.

      Federal Secretary, PS, East Hainaut, 1972. Political Secretary and President, local section PS, 1973-1988. Deputy Mayor, Flobecq, 1976-1982.

      Member of Cabinets of Deputy Prime Minister and National Education, 1977-1981. Local Councillor, Flobecq, since 1982. Deputy, Tournai-Ath-Mouscron, since 1988.

      Executive member of Federal Committee, East Hainaut. Teacher of PE, Brussels and Saint-Gilles, 1958-1961, Middle School, Flobecq, 1961-1977, and ITE, Ath, 1963-1977 and 1983-1987. Headmaster.


    Party affiliation: Socialist

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    Born October 12, 1937