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Ulf LONNQVIST, Swedish politician. Pari.; political adviser to and expert on various parly, ettees., working groups and boards.


  • LONNQVIST, Ulf was born on June 26, 1936 in Malmö, Sweden. Parents: Helmer Lonnqvist and Eva Lonnqvist (née Johansson).

  • Education

    • Lund University, Fil. Kand., 1965.


    • Chairman Students’ Union, Lund, 1964. Member Board Sweden’s United Student’s Unions, 1964-1965. Secretary in the Parliamentary Investigation Committee on Sports, 1966-1969.

      Member Board of Education of Tyreso, 1968-1970. Member. Leisure Board of Tyreso, 196888, then Chairman, 1970-73and 1979-1988. Chairman Tyreso Labour District, 1968-1987.

      Member Executive Committee SAP District, Stockholm County, since 1970. Member, Tyreso Municipal Assembly, 1971-1988. Member of Parliament, 1982-1992.

      Deputy member Agricultural Committee, 1982-1986. Member many Commissions and Committees concerned with agriculture, the environment and leisure activities. Member Cultural Affairs Committee, 1985-1986.

      Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture, 1975-1976 and 1982-1986. Cabinet Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture. Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth.

      1986-1988; Minister of Housing and Physical Planningand Sports, 198891. County Governor, since 1992. Civil servant, Ministry of Agriculture, 1966-1969, then Head of Section, 1969-1971, Director, 1971-1975.

      Member Board Agricultural Loans Ltd., 1976-1977 and 1983-1986, then Chairman, 1976-1977.



    Clubs: Board of Swedish Sports Confederation, 197077 and 1979-1986. Chairman Swedish Table Tennis Federation, since 1978. Chairman Tyreso Football Club, 1979-1989.


    • Married Lena Ldnnqvist.
    • spouse: Lena
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    Born June 26, 1936


    Tania Yalovchuk

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