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Therese LUKASSER, Austrian Member of the Bundesrat.


  • LUKASSER, Therese was born on September 11, 1932 in St. Jakob in Defereggen.

  • Education

    • Grammar school (classically oriented). Teacher training college. Teaching proficiency certificate for primary school teaching, 1955.

      Teaching certificate for secondary school teaching, 1971. University of Innsbruck, pedagogy and political science, since 1987.


    • District leader, Austrian Women's Movement, Tirol, and provincial deputy leader, and Women's Movement candidate in Provincial Assembly elections, 1984. Senior district councillor, Matrei, Osttirol, 1980-1986. Member of Tirol Provincial Assembly, November 1988-April 1989.

      Sent to Bundesrat from Tirol Provincial Assembly, Member of Bundesrat, since 1989. Primary school teacher for 18 years. Secondary school teacher for 17 years.

      Involvement in further education for teachers and in adult education. Joined Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, Compulsory School Teachers’ Section, 1952. Member of Österreichisches Volkspartei (Austrian People's Party) Austrian Workers’ and Employees’ Federation, 1961.

      Member of Women's Movement, since 1975. Member of staff, Provincial Schools Inspectorate, 1979-1989. Member of departmental committee of staff council.


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    Born September 11, 1932


    Alexandra Remova

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