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Elena MARINUCCI MARIANI, Italian Senator.


  • MARINUCCI MARIANI, Elena was born on August 18, 1928 in Aquila, Italy.

  • Education

    • Degree in Jurisprudence.


    • Member, Italian League for Divorce (LID). Organiser of petition for abortion, Aquila, 1975. Member. Women's Liberation Movement (MLD).

      Member Rome Women's Legal Collective. Member Editorial Collective of EFFE (magazine). Founded Women's League for Socialism, 1977.

      Organised, with a group of Doctors and healthworkers, ‘Co-ordination for the application of law 194’. Member Central Committee, Partito Socialista Italiano (Italian Socialist Party), 1981. Member National Leadership, Partito Socialista Italiano (Italian Socialist Party).

      Head of‘Women's Issues' section. Founder member. Leadership Committee of CRODI (Centre for the requalification and employment of Italian Women). Active member Leadership Committee, Italy, of European Movement.

      And National Committee of European Left. Member Italian Delegation of United Nations Delegation for Women, Copenhagen and Nairobi. Representative of Partito Socialista Italiano (Italian Socialist Party) on Women's Socialist International.

      Elected Senator, Aquila-Sulmona, 1983. Member Committee on Justice. Reserve member on Committee for prosecution procedure.

      Re-elected Senator, 1987. Under-Secretary for Health, in Goria government, and in the Andreotti government, April 1989. Lecturer, Law and Economics, Technical Institutes.

      Writer, for various newspapers and magazines. Director of ‘Quaderni delle donne socialiste'.


    Party affiliation: Italian Socialist Party


    Clubs: Assoziazione per la Salute della Donna.
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    Born August 18, 1928


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