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Paul Jean-Marie MASSON

Paul MASSON, French Senator. Commander of Legion of Honour, of National Order of Merit, of Agricultural Merit, and of the Black Star; Officer for Services to French Education.


  • MASSON, Paul was born on July 21, 1920 in Ussel, Corrèze, France. Parents: Jean-Baptiste Masson and Marie Masson (née Vidal).

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Law; Certificate of the French National Overseas College.


    • Career in W. Africa 1945-1960. Former Secretary-General Guinea. High Commissioner to Upper Volta 1958-1960.

      Director-General Bureau pour le developpement de la production agricole 1961-1967. Director du Cabinet, Minister of Defence 1971-1973. Prefet de la Region Centre, Prefet du Loiret 1973-1976, Prefet de la Region Aquitaine, Prefet de la Gironde 1976-1978.

      Director du Cabinet Civil et Mil., Minister of Defence 1978-1979. Mayor of Estony since 1979. Director Pechiney Ugine Kuhlman 1979-1983.

      Vice-President Society Aluminium de Grece (A.D.G.) 1979-1983. Senator from the Loiret (R.P.R.) since 1983. Commander Legion d'honneur.

      Commander du Merite agricole, Commander Ordre national du Merite, Officier Palmes academiques.


    Party affiliation: Rally for the Republic


    French dels, to FAO Conferences 1961. 1963, 1965.


    • Spouse Simone Ageron. Children: Jean-François, Claudine.
    • father: Jean
    • mother: Marie (nee Vidal) Masson
    • spouse: Simone Ageron
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    Born July 21, 1920


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