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Jean-Luc MELENCHON, French Senator. Knight of the Argentinean National Order of Merit.


  • MELENCHON, Jean-Luc was born on August 19, 1951 in Tangiers, Morocco. Parents: Georges Mélenchon and Jeanine Mélenchon (née Bayona).

  • Education

    • Rouget de Lisle College, Lons-le-Saunier. Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Besançon. Master of Philosophy.


    • Pres.-founder, General Union of Besançon Students (UNEF-1D), 1972. Member of National Executive, UNEF-ID, 1974. Jura Federation, since 1977.

      Director, Cabinet of Claude Germon, Mayor of Massey, 1978. Deputy, Essone, 1978-1986. Director, Office of the Mayor of Massy, 1978.

      First Secretary, Socialist Federation of L’Essonne, 1981-1987. Municipal Councillor, Massy, delegate for Youth Affairs, 1983-1989. County Councillor, L’Essonne, Massy-Ouest, since 1985.

      Elected Socialist Senator for L’Essonne, since 1986. Member of Managing Committee, Socialist Party, since 1987. Member. Executive Board, PS, since 1992.

      Editor, ‘A gauche’, magazine. Director, Socialist Journal. Jura Tribune, 1977-1978.

      Administrator, Institute of Advanced Latin American Studies, University of Paris III.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party


    Clubs: League of Human Rights, Club Léo Lagrange, SOS Racism. Founder, Simon Bolivar Institute.


    • Spouse Bernardette Abriel, 1972. Children: Maryline.
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    Born August 19, 1951
    (age 66)