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Viorgos PAPANDREOU, Greek Member of Parliament. award, Botsis Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism, 1988.


  • PAPANDREOU, Viorgos was born on June 16, 1952 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Parents: Andreas Papandreou and Margarita Papandreou.

  • Education

    • Amherst College, Massachusetts. USA, Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, 1970-1975. Stockholm University, Sweden, undergraduate studies, 1972-1973.

      London School of Economics, Master of Science., Sociology and Development, 1977. Spoken languages: Greek, English, Swedish.


    • Member of Parliament for Achaia. Panellinion Socialistikon Kinema (Panhellenic Socialist Movement), 1981 Member of the Executive Office of Panellinion Socialistikon Kinema (Panhellenic Socialist Movement). 1987-1988; Member, Central Committee, Panellinion Socialistikon Kinema (Panhellenic Socialist Movement), since 1984.

      Alternate Minister of Culture, 1985. Government Coordinator for the Athens Olympics of 1996, 1988-1989. Undersec. for Cultural Affairs, 1985-1987.

      Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, 1988-1989. Elected Secretary for Greek Diaspora, since 1990. Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Education.

      Vice Chairperson, Multi-Partisan Parliamentary Committee for Free Radio. Head, Parliamentary Committee for Culture and Education. Sociologist; Founder, member of research team, Foundation of Mediterranean Studies.

      Board Member, Foundation for Research and Self-Education.


    Party affiliation: Panhellenic Socialist Movement


    Greek Orthodox.


    • Spouse Ada Papandreou (née Ada Papapanou), 1989. Children: one son, one d.
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    Born June 16, 1952
    (age 65)