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Christiane PAPON

Christiane PAPON, French Secretary of the National Assembly. Knight of the Legion of Honour; Employment Medal (Médaille du Travail).


  • PAPON, Christiane was born on September 3, 1924 in Vienna, Austria. Daughter of Alexandre Eraud and Marie-Louise Eraud (née Gamier).

  • Education

    • Secondary school, Nantes. Jeanne de Chantal and Chavagnes institutions, Nantes. Faculty of Law, University of Paris.

      Doctorate in Legal History and Civil Law. Diploma from the Institute of Political Studies, Paris. Qualified lawyer; spoken languages: French, English.


    • Official, Neuilly section, 1972 and President of the Association Femme-Avenir, 1975-1988. Member of the central committee, 1976- and Member of the political council of Rassemblement pour La République. Vice-Chairman of Carrefour du gaullisme, since 1976.

      Municipal councillor, Neuilly-sur-Seine, since 1977. Deputy, Val-deMame, since 1986. President of the Femme-Avenir movement, 1975-1988.

      Member of the European Parliament, 1987-1989. Secretary of the National Assembly, since 1988. Lawyer, Paris, 1948-1953.

      Press attaché at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1953-1954. Journalist. Radiodiffusion Française, 1956-1958. Director of the social affairs service and of the workforce, 1958-1978 and Director of general services, 1978-1983 of the Federation of electrical.

      Electronic and computer Industries.


    • Participation of Women in French Society.


    Party affiliation: Rally for the Republic


    Clubs: Racing Club of France.



    Recreations: music, art, tennis, swimming. Economics, foreign affairs, women’s participation in society.


    • [{"type":"father","name":"Alexandre Eraud"},{"type":"mother","name":"Marie-Louise Eraud (née Gamier)"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Jean-Pierre Papon"}]
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    Born September 3, 1924


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    • Relatives
      • Alexandre Eraud
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